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PR Daily News

Girl Scouts and General Mills seek to make breakfast sweeter
25 października 2016
If you’ve ever wanted your cookies with more than just a glass of milk, rejoice: The famous treats will soon be in cereal form. ...›

Trump Hotels rebrands, shifts focus to millennials
25 października 2016
The Trump brand is switching things up on the hotel front. Here’s how—and a few speculations as to why. ...›

4 lessons PR pros can learn from Texas Hold ’em
25 października 2016
Communicators can glean some helpful insights by watching when poker players choose to bet, call, raise or fold. ...›

Secrets for crafting the perfect headline
25 października 2016
How can you write headlines that intrigue your audience? Enticing a reader to click on your story isn’t blind luck. It’s calculated and often takes time. Here’s how to improve your approach. ...›

Layoffs looming at Twitter, Goldman Sachs, Gannett
25 października 2016
As a buyout looks unlikely, the micro-blogging platform is reportedly planning to cut jobs, but it’s not the only organization giving employees bad news. ...›

8 ways #RaganChat can benefit savvy PR pros
25 października 2016
What can taking a break from pitching, content creation and client meetings do for you? Here’s what you can get out of an hour on Twitter with a crowd of like-minded pros. ...›

Infographic: How to get your CEO on social media
25 października 2016
If your leaders are reluctant to have an online presence, this guide can help you not only make a case for it, but also coach your executives through the process. ...›

Are you using innovative digital marketing tactics?
25 października 2016
Find out how Denver Water, Chrysler, and Lockheed Martin stay ahead in the digital game. ...›

Instagram focuses on suicide prevention with new tool
25 października 2016
The social media company is offering a special kind of support for users that might be in need. Here are details—and why it’s becoming part of its mission. ...›

Enter the PR Daily Awards today and save $50
25 października 2016
We’re honoring the most talented PR communicators in the biz, someone who sets trends instead of following them. Sound like you? Enter our PR Daily Awards by Nov. 2. Save $50 per entry. ...›