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7 tips to develop your employees as brand ambassadors
26 maja 2018
Start by empowering the social media stars you have on staff. Make it simple for others to join by curating content, and motivate their participation. ...›

Infographic: Tips for creating dazzling marketing videos
26 maja 2018
One size does not fit all when it comes to telling your organization’s visual stories. This guide offers insights for producing the ideal video for your desired outcomes. ...›

3 tactics that can impact your marketing budget
25 maja 2018
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4 stumbles that keep influencers from engaging with your brand
25 maja 2018
Perhaps that person’s niche doesn’t align with your organization, or maybe you just plowed ahead into your pitch without forging a relationship. Learn from these common missteps. ...›

6 email marketing tips for offering value to potential customers
25 maja 2018
Without that crucial payoff, you’ll lose the recipient—maybe just that once, but possibly forever. Limit your risk by focusing on their needs and wants. Here are a half-dozen approaches. ...›

Elon Musk challenges reporters by suggesting news-ranking website
25 maja 2018
The executive has been refuting poor coverage of Tesla, and in his latest tweetstorm, criticized news outlets for being hypocrites. How will the move affect his own credibility? ...›

Why spokespeople fall apart on the last question
25 maja 2018
All the poise and style won’t cover for a flawed exit from your media appearance. Here’s how to prepare executives and spokespeople so they don’t flub the finale. ...›

Is your content memorable?
25 maja 2018
Enter PR Daily’s 2018 Content Marketing Awards. Save $50 when you enter by June 13. ...›

Report: Journalists are ditching the press release
25 maja 2018
A recent survey of reporters revealed that many are ignoring press releases. How can you capture their attention? Turn to social media, consider data and build relationships. ...›

NFL announces rules requiring players to stand for anthem
25 maja 2018
After two seasons of high-profile protests targeting police brutality against African-Americans, the league bowed to pressure from fans and the White House. Online response has been mixed. ...›