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PR Daily News

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1 marca 2017
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1 marca 2017
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In our world of diminished attention spans, words still matter
1 marca 2017
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Speechwriters are more challenged than ever
1 marca 2017
Keep up with your quick-change-artist job. Learn from the experts at our 2017 Speechwriters Conference. ...›

Uber executive resigns after sexual harassment allegations come to light
1 marca 2017
The company’s chief asked its senior vice president of engineering to step down after learning that he left Google amid accusations of inappropriate behavior. ...›

16 ways to prove your design expertise
1 marca 2017
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4 self-defeating mindsets for PR pros
1 marca 2017
Industry practitioners don’t need hours on the analyst’s couch to realize that some prevalent ways of thinking undermine their self-worth and hence their perceived value to clients. ...›

5 ways to increase executives’ authenticity on social media
1 marca 2017
Executives increasingly use online sites, but how can they (you) do it without having every post sound like a committee wrote it? A panel from a recent Ragan Facebook summit weighs in. ...›